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Ecole Moser, Private Gymnasium 2013 – 2015

Working as a teacher for the first time was an entirely new challenge which I accepted when I found myself in need of creating new professional opportunities and socially integrating in Geneva, after my previous employer went through a reorganisation of its Sales & Marketing department.



What were the challenges

Assume the role of a teacher of history and geography in German for pupils aged 12 – 15.

Manage daily school life (surveillance, homework, excursions etc.) for the Secondaire I – level at the gymnasium.

The approach taken

  • Refreshened long forgotten school lessons and gathered new knowledge
  • Invested significant amounts of time in the study of the curriculum and subjects

The results achieved

  • Acquired pedagogic experience
  • Achieved literacy in  the use of state-of-the-art interactive teaching tools

2013 - 2015

Ecole Moser, Private Gymnasium


Teacher & School life Coordinator