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British Airways (1989 – 1993)

“Welcome on board” was the confirmation that I had been successful with my application to join British Airways:

Establishing a new regional office for Sales, Marketing, and Distribution in Europe and outside its home market represented a bold step for the airline and the chance of a lifetime for me to give my career a very different twist by changing industries.



These were the challenges

  • Prepare the airline for the launch of the European single market in 1993
    • Increased competition on European routes to the UK
    • Loss of intra-German traffic rights following reunification
    • General consolidation of the industry
  • Help rebound after negative impact of Gulf War I on air travel

The approach we took

  • Established the team and our internal ways of working together
  • Built the network with the European and London based colleagues as well as external agencies
  • Consolidated all advertising into maximum use of a single master-brand campaign
  • Designed, evaluated, launched & operated Europe’s 1st Frequent Flyer programme (Executive Club) to build a loyal customer base
  • Participated in the development of BA’s branded Club Europe and EuroTraveller classes
  • Developed and launched ‘The World’s Biggest Offer’ post-Gulf War I
  • Resources: 5 staff and € 4 m central budget plus € 30 m locally held

The results we achieved

Pioneered European airline marketing:

  • Turned around the airline’s negative image in Europe
  • Built the first qualified database of regular flyers for an airline in Europe
  • Introduced branding as a tool to add value to the customer experience in Europe
  • Project managed a multi-national (16 language) campaign across Europe

1989 - 1993

British Airways

European Office, Amsterdam

Marketing Manager Europe